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CT02, 0-1200A

Stock: 2 pc
CT02, 0-1200A
124 460 Ft
5 function diagnostic tool for motorcycles diagnostic. Speed up the failure test. Be a professional.

1, Battery charge status, battery condition
2, Starter motor condition
3, Engine mechanical condition, relative compression test.
4, Charging system status: Generator: stator voltage symmetry / voltage regulator operation
5, PC digital transmitter examination oscilloscope
  • CT02, 0-1200A measuring range for cars, outboard motors, small tracks up to 2500 ccm. Diesel and petol engines.
    1, The tool able to measure the internal resistance of the battery, which is related to the condition of the battery expected further life.
    2, Starter motor faults can be detected without disassembly: jamming, carbon brush / commutator fault, short circuit.
    3, Engine mechanical condition: relative compression test measurement based on table, possible jamming, comparison per cylinder.
    4, Charging system status: voltage level after start-up, current reversal = charge build-up, symmetry.
    5, Encoders: VR, HALL. easy control.
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    2 pc
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